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Share Certificates/CDs

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Choose the Excel certificate best for you! Gain the security of knowing you have locked in the rate and term that best fits your financial needs and gives you a competitive rate, with the additional assurance that your funds are federally insured up to $250,000. We’ve got you!

As rates change in the market you will find our 6-month share certificate at 4.50% APY* competitive, or find that our 12-month certificates at 4.95% APY* better fits your investment needs. We offer additional extended terms and rates as well. Please consult our rate page for a full list of certificate offerings.

As your trusted financial partner we’ve got you when it comes to higher dividends, flexibility and multiple options. Earn more with us.

*Annual Percentage Yield.

 $500 is required to open the account and a minimum $500 balance is required to earn the stated annual percentage yield.  Early withdrawal penalty fees will be imposed and will reduce earnings.  Limited time promotional rates and terms may expire at any time. Deposits NCUA insured to $250,000. Rates effective 3/22/2024.

Our share certificates give you more bang for the buck

Like the idea of security and higher earnings? Share Certificates are a great way to grow your money! With terms of six to 48 months choose the goal that’s right for you. Please review the rate page for additional rates.

What you may know as a CD or certificate of deposit is called a share certificate at Excel.  As a member you become part owner of the credit union and own a share here.  We work for you and work to help you earn more and save more.  And …. your deposits are federally insured by the NCUA up to $250,000.  We’ve got you.

checkmark$500 affordable minimum
checkmarkFlexible terms and options to fit your needs.
checkmarkFixed dividend rates. These are pad and compounded quarterly for even higher earnings.
checkmarkCompetitive rates. Adjusted with our members in mind. We are your trusted financial partner.
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Start Saving

Ready to start nurturing your nest egg? Let’s get started!