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Person to Person Payments

In addition to paying companies, you can also setup to pay individuals using the "Pay A Person" tab! To setup to pay a friend, a colleague you’re splitting the check with at lunch or, for instance, the lawn guy, the two of you first need to agree on a "keyword". You’ll also need your payees email address. Once you have an agreed upon keyword and your payees email address, you’ll submit the person’s email address and the "keyword" after clicking on the "Pay A Person" tab. The system automatically sends an email to the person you would like to pay and requests the "keyword" and their account number and their financial institutions routing and transit number. After the “payee” provides the requested information, the information is stored in the system and you’ll be able to make future payments by clicking on the "Pay A Person" tab, clicking on their name, and inputting the amount you want to pay. The first payment takes a little longer to post due to the setup process, after that payments are processed in about the same amount of time as it takes to pay a business, usually within a few days.

Remember, the beauty of bill pay is once you've entered a new payee, their information is stored for future use so the next time you need to authorize a payment to the same payee, there is no need to enter the data again – just select the payee from the list you've already created!

You can choose to make a one-time payment, or the system can make weekly, monthly, or quarterly automated payments based on your directions. The funds come directly from your checking account and payment is made within 3 to 8 business days from the date of authorization.

Please contact member services at 770-441-9235 or 1-888-441-9235.