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Save As You Pay Loan

If you have retail store credit cards and loans from other financial institutions, we may be able to help lower your monthly payments, have a positive impact on your credit score, and help you build a nice little nest egg, with the new SAVE AS YOU PAY LOAN!

  • Offers low loan rates dependent on your credit score
  • Offers a savings account with a 1% rate in connection with this loan
  • May have a positive impact on your credit score
  • Provides you with a nice little nest egg when you pay-off the loan


  • Qualify with a beacon score of 620 or above
  • Payoff high-rate, revolving credit cards & other types of loans from other financial institutions with one low, fixed-rate installment loan from EXCEL
  • We’ll direct a portion of your monthly loan payment to an above-average rate savings account that’s established in connection with this loan
  • When the EXCEL loan is paid-off in accordance with the loan agreement, you’ll have an amount equal to 20% of the original EXCEL loan amount, plus the accrued interest, in your SAVE AS YOU PAY SAVINGS ACCOUNT!

This loan may not benefit everyone and is offered under certain conditions. Submit an online application now or contact member services at 770-441-9235 to see if you qualify.