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Personal Loans

Now might be a good time to take control of your finances with a Personal Loan from EXCEL Federal Credit Union.

Personal loans, which allow you to borrow a fixed amount of money, can be used for a variety of purposes and often boast interest rates that are lower than credit cards. Some reasons you might want to consider a Personal Loan:

Unexpected Expenses: When unexpected major expense such as your cars A/C stops working, or your home plumbing springs a leak, a personal loan can help get you through that emergency.

Debt Consolidation: A Personal loan can help you to consolidate debt into one single monthly payment instead of paying multiple higher interest bills.

School Expenses: When you realize the books for your American History class, or Advanced Calculus class costs as much as an airplane ticket. Or, when your computer with Windows 2000 is no longer capable of getting you through class and you need to upgrade.

Medical Expenses: Many times it is cheaper to use a personal loan to pay unexpected medical bills rather than financing it through the hospital.

The bottom line is Personal loans can help when it comes to consolidating existing debt, financing your dreams or helping with unexpected emergency expenses. Finding the right personal loan can make all the difference in the world, and most importantly, allow you to make your payments on time, which is the most important factor in maintaining a good credit history.

To find out more about how a Personal Loan from EXCEL Federal Credit Union can benefit you, please stop by a branch or give member services a call at 770-441-9235.

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