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Remote Deposit Service

There are two ways to deposit checks remotely, avoiding the need to visit a branch or mail checks in for deposit.

  • Using the EXCEL Federal Credit Union App, available FREE for download from the iPhone® and Google® App Stores, which enables members with mobile phones on the Apple® or Android® operating system to take a picture of a check and submit it for deposit*
  • By logging into NetBranch Online Banking via a computer and using a scanner to send an image of the check(s)

Getting Started with the EXCEL App for Apple® & Android® Phones

For members with an Apple® or Android® phone who have logged into NetBranch Online Banking via a computer at least once in the past, the first step is to download the EXCEL Federal Credit Union App, available free from the iPhone® and Google® App Stores.

For members who have never logged into NetBranch Online Banking and/or don’t know your login credentials, please contact us and we’ll get you started right away! and we’ll respond to your request no later than the next business day.

After downloading the App, you will need to login using your NetBranch Online Banking credentials, and click on the “DeposZip® Remote Deposit” tab.

When clicking on the DeposZip® Remote Deposit tab for the first time, you’ll be asked to agree to the “terms and conditions of use” before you can begin using the service. Once you’ve completed this step and you receive an email from us indicating that you have been approved to use the service (no later than the next business day), you can begin taking photos of your checks in order to submit them for approval and posting to your account.

In order to be approved to use the service, there are several criteria that must be met, including, among other things,

  • Member for a minimum of 90 days
  • Membership in good standing

There are also conditions and restrictions regarding the use of the DeposZip® Remote Deposit Service, including deposit limits. For more information, review the DeposZip® Remote Deposit Service Agreement and Disclosures.

If your phone does not use the Apple® or Android® operating system, you will not be able to download the EXCEL App and make deposits by mobile phone. For members who cannot download Apple® or Android® Apps, or would prefer not to download the app, we also offer the option of making deposits using a computer and scanner (as described below), or you can always mail the checks to the credit union.

Making Deposits Remotely Using a Computer and Scanner

Members can also make deposits by logging into NetBranch Online banking via a computer and using a scanner to capture and relay check images to EXCEL for posting to your account(s). Simply log into NetBranch Online Banking and click on the “Online Services” tab, and then click on “DeposZip® Remote Deposit” in the dropdown menu. Follow the instructions provided, or for further assistance, contact member services at 770-441-9235 or 1-888-441-9235.

*Please note, although we do not charge for the App, or to access NetBranch Online Banking via your mobile phone or computer, service fees from your mobile and/or internet service provider(s) may apply.